Friday, July 31, 2009

Today was a total washout as far as the weather is concerned. We had light rain falling early this morning and it just got heavier as the day progressed. It's now 7:21 PM and the clouds are just starting to disperse. Looking at the extended forecast though we seem to be setting the stage for a warm, sunny weekend. That's good, because we have nearly every cabin booked and extra dinner reservations for Prime Rib/Swordfish tomorrow night.

We do have several families in camp and one of the young boys caught a nice 15 inch trout off the dock late this afternoon. I had just told him not a half hour before that the fish don't care if it's raining and apparently neither did he.

Our summer rate special has been a big hit and believe it or not will only run another two weeks. I have a few openings, so if you are looking for quick get-away, give me a call or send an email and we might be able to accommodate you.

I have to say congrats to my son Thomas who is proudly serving in the Navy and just learned today he has achieved the rank of Chief! Job well done and we'll see you soon!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I had the experience of a lifetime last night and it all occurred on my birthday too! The wildlife biologist and his team stopped by to let us know they would be capturing and banding the adult loons at this end of the lake and wanted to know if we might like to watch the process. After watching the pair across the channel for what seemed eternity, I was all for some up close and personal time with the loons. The plan was to retrieve the adult pair and the two chicks after dark and bring them back to our dock to band the adults. It was a late night, but a success. The male and his two chicks were retrieved, but the mother was too tricky and followed behind the boat lamenting the loss of her chicks all the way.

Of course no harm nor foul (no pun intended) occurred and all were returned safely to water shortly after the team completed their measuring, weighing and banding. As it turns out, the male was banded about 15 years ago and seemed to be in great condition. Both chicks are growing fast and as you can see from the photos, they are very soft and fuzzy. As they worked their way through the list of duties, someone had to hold the chicks and of course I volunteered whole heartily. While holding the smaller of the two chicks, I was able to calm him/her (they are to young to determine sex) by stroking his/her head and he/she fell right to sleep in my lap.
It was a wonderful experience and I feel very lucky to have participated.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Believe it or not we actually have blue sky and sunshine today. The temperature has climbed above the 70 degree mark so short sleeves it is. Most of New England has been dealing with a rather wet summer so far with many a record rainfall recorded. Fortunately, this far north has not been as wet as other parts of the state. Be sure to check the weather station stats for additional details.

The apple crisp, raspberry delight, blueberry cheesecake and triple chocolate cake have all been baked and are ready for dinner tonight. Of course only after prime rib or swordfish has been thoroughly enjoyed by all. If you are in the area, give us a call and join us for 5PM dinner. Ann plans the menu a week in advance, so give it a try. You can always count on the Bosebuck BBQ or pizza on Friday night and Prime Rib and fish on Saturday.

Our summer rate special is stilling going strong, but will end on August 15th. We have a few cabins available here and there depending on the size of your party. Call or email if you are looking for a last minute get-a-way for a few days.

Monday, July 20, 2009

SUCCESS! The loon chicks hatched late Saturday afternoon and made their first splash at approximately 4:45PM into the lake. I paddled up river last evening after dinner and witnessed the proud parents swimming along with their chicks in between them. Sorry to say that I am not able to share any photos at this time as I did not want to intrude.

We have been very busy here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps with nearly full capacity for the past several days. Even the weather is cooperating and all our guests are enjoying the great outdoors. The current temperature is 65 degrees with 67% relative humidity. Be sure to check out the weather link on and of course the ever present webcams for your glimpse into camp.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Since we finally have a sunny day with temps already in the 70's I just returned from a very quick paddle across the channel to check on the loon. She is still there and patiently awaiting the arrival of her two chicks. It seems like it has been much too long, but I'm not a biologist. If you have been following her saga, she was off her nest about two weeks ago now for about five hours due to some heavy handed harassment from a pair of eagles. It was a cold and rainy day and the chicks may not have survived, but we'll see. I still have hope. Please be aware that I did not get too close and was careful not to disturb her when I snapped a few photos. The IF&W biologist should be checking on her in the next day or so too.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally the sun and blue skies have arrived here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps. Although we have a breeze from the north-northeast at about 5MPH, the sun is shining! The current temperature is 63 degrees and I'm hoping it will continue to climb. Summers are too short this far north so I want to enjoy every warm day I possibly can before that white stuff starts falling again.

Don't forget Friday Night BBQ at Bosebuck or if you prefer Prime Rib or Swordfish on Saturday. Call ahead for your reservation if you are not already here as a lodging guest. If we have room, we certainly welcome you to join us for 5:00PM dinner.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

As you may have noticed we are in the process of updating the website. We should be ready to launch the new site within the next two weeks and hope you like the changes. We will be utilizing new photos provided by several of our guests as well as some of the nostalgic shots to maintain the flavor of the bygone era.

Please check out the weather station link for up to date conditions here at camp as well as the faithful webcams which will continue to provide live shots every 15 minutes (forgiving any technical issues that arise now and again).

Mike, I, and the entire staff appreciate all our faithful guests and hope to retain the rustic charm of the camps while making your stay even more enjoyable.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mike was just walking down the driveway when he happened to see some movement on the opposite shore. He came into the office and we both had the pleasure of watching a doe with her new fawn walk along the shoreline of the island. I'm not sure if it was the height &/or strength of the current or the newness of the fawn, but she looked a little shaky from here. It's moments like these that we take the time to appreciate when they present themselves. The paperwork and chores can wait a few minutes.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11, 2009

We had a perfect day yesterday here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps. The sun was shining,

the sky was blue and the birds were singing. We have had a full camp for the past few
days with three guests all celebrating birthdays last night at dinner. To top it all
off, the float plane just landed and will be taking some of our guests for a scenic
ride for an aerial view of this beautiful terrain.

The current temperture is 60 degrees with mostly sunny skies. The relative humidity is
79% with a breeze from the south at 5MPH. Although we may receive rain later today and
overnight, it should clear by tomorrow morning refreshing for another day tomorrow.

We are still keeping an eye on a loon that has been nesting just across from camp
on the opposite shore. We have a great vantage point from the porch of Cabin #9 and
are hoping to see her chicks when/if they hatch. The biologist from the Maine Inland
Fisheries & Wildlife Dept stopped by to check on her this past Tuesday. According to
his calculations, the chicks should arrive this weekend, Tuesday at the latest.

The water may be a little higher than normal in the lake and rivers but the fishing is
very close to spring-like conditions. Water temperatures are cooler than normal so
the fishermen are still seeing good activity in this fishery.
Our summer rate special began on July 1st and will continue through August 15th.

** $99.00 per adult per night ** and depending on the length of your stay you may enjoy
a FREE night or FREE use of a boat and motor. Visit our rates page for all the details
then give us call to reserve your spot.

This is also the time to reserve your week for a Bear Hunt. We are limiting our
reservations to no more than 6 hunters per week and the first week of the season is
already sold out. We have some availability for the three remaining weeks which start on
Sunday, September 6th, 13th or the 20th.

For all you lucky Maine & New Hampshire Moose Lottery winners, if your area in Maine
is WMD #7 or Zone A2 in New Hampshire, Bosebuck Mountain Camps is the place for your
hunt. Give us a call to discuss our full week package which includes meals, lodging,
scouting and a fully guided hunt.

Don’t forget about our Wilderness Navigation Course being held on August 21st, 22nd
and 23rd. Anyone that spends time in the great outdoors whether it be hunting,
fishing, hiking, geo-caching, camping or any other activity will learn valuable
lessons with this course. A map and compass are no good to you unless you know how to
use them. Attendees will gather a good deal of practical information both in the
classroom and in the field. If you are interested in attending send us an email or
call to reserve your spot.

Our first photography weekend was very successful in several ways. They all captured
great shots, ate too much delicious food and left happy but exhausted. We should have
a few photos to share in the very near future. They captured some beautiful landscapes,
a black bear, a family of otters, an immature eagle and of course a number of loons.
We definitely will be putting together future photography weekends, the first of which
will be held the first weekend of October focusing (no pun intended) on moose since it
will be rut season. If you are interested, send along an email.