Sunday, August 29, 2010

I was finally able to scoot across the lake to the island and check on B9. As you can see from this picture he is alive and well. He has grown so fast I can't even believe it is the same little eaglet I held just a few short weeks ago. Mom & Dad are still close by for support and he took flight just after I snapped this photo.

Just as I was thinking it was time to pack up my shorts and short sleeve shirts, the weather has turned warm again. Right now it's 82 degrees with a nice breeze from the north, northeast.

Bear hunting season opens tomorrow and we are expecting our first group of hunters within the hour. Mike has been very busy preparing and everything seems to be in order.

Fall fishing reservations are filling very quickly, so please call ASAP if you are looking to catch that run up the river. It has been a fairly dry summer so the fish would certainly appreciate a couple days of nice rain to make the trip a little easier.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I can't believe it is the 19th of August and the last time I posted was on the first. Sorry to all our frequent web visitors for the lack of updates, but we have had a full camp for the past two weeks which keeps all the staff very busy. Remember you can always catch a real-time glimpse of us on the webcams.

Beginning tomorrow through August 28th, we will not be accepting any reservations for lodging or meals due to private functions.

The first of which is the Maine Chapter of Casting for Recovery (CFR), a member of the national non-profit, support and educational program for women who have or have had breast cancer. They provide an opportunity for women to learn fly-fishing in a natural setting. For more information about this program and CFR please visit their website at

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Well, here we are at the beginning of another month. Hello August! Bosebuck Mountain Camps has been overflowing with families enjoying the great outdoors and the same continues for another two weeks. Book early for next summer as we have had to turn many people away because we just didn't have anymore room.

The weather has been warm with very little rain, but cooler temps moved in yesterday with an extended forecast calling for the chance of thunderstorms over the next several days. For you regular visitors to the website, I'm sorry the weather station is not co-operating again. I'm doing my best to get it back online, so please be patient. Believe me, this technology frustrates me too.

For the fishermen waiting for the fall run, please note that effective immediately, we will limit the number of guests above the gates to no more than 12 per day in order to maintain the "exclusivity" of these remote areas and provide a quality experience for all our guests. Reservations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis but not confirmed until a 50% non-refundable, per person deposit is paid. Keys to the gates must be returned no later than the 11AM checkout on the day of departure.

Once the 12 slots are filled for a particular day, all future reservation inquiries will be advised that access above the gates has been filled allowing them the opportunity to book alternate dates if they wish to fish the upper Magalloway. Please keep in mind that there are many fishing opportunities below the Parmachenee gates as well.