Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What did you do today?

I held a 4 1/2 week old bald eagle in my hands and here are the pictures for all to enjoy. Last summer I had the opportunity to hold a loon chick while the biologists banded the father, and I thought that was unbelievable, but holding this eagle was just unforgettable. He or she has been banded and will continue to be monitored, we hope, for many years to come. His/her parents nested this spring on an island just across the lake from camp and we have been watching and patiently waiting for the little one to arrive. All our anxious moments during heavy windstorms, lightning and cold nights were put rest when I held that little bundle this afternoon. He/she was very calm the entire time, not the least bit anxious or nervous. Once all the measurements were completed, weighed (6.6 lbs) and blood drawn, he/she was returned to the nest safe & sound.
Of course I could go on and on about the experience, but like they say.... a picture is worth a thousand words. Simple put, it was just GREAT!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mike and I scooted out for a quick ride late yesterday afternoon and I spotted this mom with her chick. It's times like this that I would like to have had a zoom lens to capture the moment for all to see and share becuase this photo just doesn't do justice to scenery. We definitely do not want to intrude on their space. This is the first loon chick I have seen this season, but we have had several families of duck float by camp too.

The photography group was here this past weekend and thankfully the weather was much more cooperative this year than last. I should have a few photos to share with you in the next day or so. We are also discussing holding a photography "retreat" this fall to capture some of the beautiful foilage here in the western mountains of Maine. If you are interested in attending, send me an email. We are most likely looking at the middle to the end of September.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dock (Duck) Boy

Our new dock or should I say duck boy was caught napping on the job this afternoon. If only I had the time to nap on the dock people wouldn't be making comments about my white legs.
Camp has been full for a number of days, but several of our guests checked out this morning so the staff will have a couple easier days ahead before the next wave arrives.
In addition to our lodging guests we had reservations from the general public for prime rib dinner this past Saturday bringing the total number of guests in Big Buck Dining room to 43 people. If you're in the area, give us a call at least 24 hours in advance (207) 670-0013 to join us for dinner at 5PM.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

One of our guests snapped this photo yesterday and I thought it conveyed exactly what all Dad's need... their sons close by, a boat, a plane and of course a reclining chair.
This is the day we honor all those men important in our lives. Take the time to say thank you and appreciate all they have done for you. My Dad has be gone now for 15 years, and although it was difficult at first, I'm comforted with the realization that his presence is still with me every day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another beautiful day here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps. Although we had our share of rain, the last few days have been nearly perfect if that's possible. Temps in the eighties with a lovely breeze off the lake to keep the bugs at bay.

Congratulations to the lucky Moose Lottery winners and for those drawn for Maine Wildlife Management District #7, keep us in mind. We offer a "one on one" fully guided hunt for $2,500 (plus tax, gratuity and license) that includes 6 days of hunting, 7 nights lodging and meals for both names on the permit. Prescouting, transportation during the hunt and field dressing included.

Fishing has been great both in the rivers and lakes. Camp is full this weekend with fathers and sons enjoying the best Maine has to offer for both fly fishing and trolling on the lake.

I also have to send a big thank you to Kathy for the beautiful flower baskets that now line the front porch railing of the lodge and are scattered about the grounds. I'll do my best to care for them all summer long.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Lupines & Lilacs

Yes, our lupines and lilac bushes have already blossomed here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps. The butterflies, bees and humming birds are having a feast.

Although we have had rain over the past few days, we are enjoying some great weather today. The current temperature is 70 degrees with a light wind from the north, northeast.

Fishing on the lake and rivers has been fair to good and with the recent rain, fishing should continue and even improve for the near future.

Just a reminder to those who are travelling into camp that there are several active logging operations underway. Also, they are in the process of replacing culverts, ditching along side Parmachenee Road and laying gravel so be sure to watch for trucks and equipment in the road. If you have a portable CB radio, bring it along and set it on channel 19.