Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring may have arrived in your neck of the woods, but winter still has a firm hold on Bosebuck Mountain Camps.  Riders experienced some of the best conditions of the entire season this past weekend.  Temps in the twenties, smooth, freshly groomed trails and low traffic all added up to a perfect day of riding.

The current temperature is 20 degrees with light snow showers and the 5-Day forecast is calling for much of the same for the entire week except Wednesday which will be sunny with temps in the mid thirties.

Big Buck dining room will be closing for 2010-2011 winter season this coming Sunday, April 3rd at 3PM.  We will continue to be available for gas ONLY from 7AM to 7PM as long as the snow holds out.

No lodging will be available from April 3rd through May 6th, 2011 (unless ice-out comes early), but please call to reserve your spring fishing and summer vacation dates quickly as many of our dates have already been filled.

I seem to have weathered the storm of technical difficulties and the Internet and webcams are now all up and running.  I'm still working on the weather station and hope to resolve that issue this week too!  I know you fishermen will be watching for ice out and air temps so I'll do my best.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Please note we are still experiencing some technical difficulties and currently the webcams are NOT updating to the website.  We are working to correct the situation and will get them going as soon as we can because we know how important they are to you and our business.

I can tell you that all reports from the trail are very positive.  Some of the comments just this morning are "best riding of the year", "doesn't get any better than this", "the lake is smooth and fast'.  The groomer from Oquossoc came through Tuesday night and we are expecting him again tonight.

The current temperatureis 28 degrees with cloudy skies and light snowfall.  We expect similar conditions throughout the weekend with overnight temps in the teens, low twenties.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Internet Service Restored

Yeah!  our Internet service was re-established as of 3PM today.  The modem decided to fry itself on Friday afternoon and of course no service calls on the weekends.  Anyway, we survived being "unplugged" but are very glad everything seems to be back to normal.  Now if I can just get the weather station to upload to our website I will be a happy girl.

Speaking of reasons to be happy, we received about 6 inches of snow overnight and had light snow falling throughout the day.  The extended forecast is calling for below freezing temps through this weekend and another storm on Thursday with accumulating snow.  Don't miss out on this spring riding, there is plenty of snow still to enjoy.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our internet access has been down since Friday March 18th.  Service should be restored on the 23rd.  Sorry for the inconvenience of not having regular updates or webcams.  Happy spring!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's snowing, I went for a ride, the eagles are back

That's right, it's snowing here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps this morning with a current temperature of 22 degrees and overcast skies.  Most of you have been experiencing "spring like" conditions this past week but we are definitely still in winter mode having received nearly two feet of fresh snow in the last week and a half.

Finally after four winters at Bosebuck, I got on a sled yesterday afternoon with Michael and he took me for a ride on the new trail, around the top of lake and back down the Sunday Pond trail.  I must say the view was spectacular, the weather perfect and now I can truly understand why so many people ride even when the temps are below zero.  The new trail will be a great hike this summer too.

Yes, that's right, I saw a pair of eagles yesterday afternoon at this end of the lake and they were sitting in the same trees favored by the pair we had build a nest on the island last year.  I'm hoping it is the same pair and they will make this there home again this year.  We certainly had a bird's eye view (no pun intended) of their activities last year and I thought the trials and tribulations 2010 would be a "once in a lifetime" event but maybe not. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We had a cold start to the day today here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps.  The low was 3 degrees and with current reading of 8 degrees above zero.  The trails should have set-up overnight so we are expecting some riders today since the sun is shining full force.  It's shaping up to perfect conditions for a ride today.  Plenty of snow in the back country although the trails have some thin spots here & there.

Just a reminder that we will be closing for mud season on Sunday, April 3rd and will reopen for fishing season on Friday, May 8th, 2011.  Until then, we will be open daily for food and gas as usual.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Ryan Lane, a regular guest here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps, was the February winner of the SledEast Powder Shot ( .  Congrats Ryan!  Check him out enjoying some of the deep snow just north of camp two weeks ago.  Since this picture was taken we have received another two feet here at camp with additional amounts at higher elevation.  Even with the warm temps (38 degrees) here today, the guys will be riding well into March.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

That's right, another 6 inches of snow today and we still have light snow falling.  Current temperature is 30 degrees with winds 7 to 12 MPH from the south.  I hope these winds are NOT bringing warmer temps because we want to keep our snow just a bit longer.  Eve if the mercury rises, we have enough snow on the ground for plenty of riding.

ITS 84 from Oquossoc was groomed last night as was the Bosebuck Trail and Sunday Pond trail.  Conditions are set for a great weekend of riding.  The extended forecast (after the mess coming & going tomorrow) is calling for temps in the high 20's with snow showers on Saturday and Sunday.  Load up the sled and head out.  Prime Rib, Swordfish or Baked Rigatoni for dinner on Saturday at 6PM.  If you are not a lodging guest but will be in the area, call at least 24 hours ahead to make your reservation.  You'll be glad you did.

Also, for all you fishermen out there getting that itch, our spring dates are filling fast, so call now so you don't miss out on that early run.  By the looks of the calendar, our last day of the winter season will be Sunday, April 3rd if the trails hold out and we will re-open on Friday May 6th as long as the ice has cleared.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunny but cold would best describe the day so far.  The storm has finally passed by after leaving 18 inches or more of fresh snow in it's wake.  The task now is to find a place to put it all.  We experienced below zero temperatures overnight, but already the mercury has climbed to 8 degrees above zero.  The sun is out in full force and it seems as though we haven't seen it in so long I thought for a moment I may have been living underground.  I just might need sunglasses on inside today from the glare bouncing off the snow into the lodge.  Let me be perfectly clear though, that is NOT a complaint.  The sun feels good and I'm sure all the sled-heads will agree.

The groomer from Oquossoc made a complete trip yesterday.  Due to the heavy, accumulating snow, it took him nearly 10 hours just to get to Bosebuck and I'm not sure how long to make the return trip, but THANK YOU!  Those guys put in a lot of time to make the trail system what it is and for all of us to enjoy.  If you happened upon a donation bucket, feel free to drop in your change.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Good news, bad news - yes, it rained here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps starting late Saturday and most of the day Sunday but (and that's a big BUT) it turned to snow late yesterday afternoon and snowed all night. 

All the rain made for some slippery exits from camp yesterday, but everyone made it home safely without incident.

We have 12 inches on the ground now and it's still coming down.  I know we had a lot of snow before I even ventured outside when I looked out the window to see Chad, shovel in hand, strapped into his snow shoes to begin the day's work.  He and Mike will be clearing snow all day today.

Friday, March 4, 2011

C-O-L-D spells cold and here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps this morning that means 22.5 degrees below zero.  I don't think the snow will be going away anytime soon with those temperatures.  The sun is shining in a brilliant blue sky with only a few puffy white clouds to be seen.  The snowmobilers tell me that they dress for this weather so the cold doesn't bother them and trails will be perfect riding today.  I guess I better eat a good breakfast in preparation for a busy lunch.