Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mike and I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.  This morning's low was minus 7 degrees and the extended forecast is sounding like a belated Christmas present.  Up to a foot of snow on Thursday and perhaps an even bigger storm heading our way for Sunday. 

Our winter hours for meals will be; breakfast 7AM to 9:30AM, lunch 11AM to 3PM and dinner at 6PM with an advance reservation of least 24 hours.  We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yes, we have SNOW and then some.  Four additional inches yesterday and then 10 more overnight into this morning.  Everyone is busy plowing, shoveling, etc.......

Trails should be open by Friday so we hope to see you soon.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Finally a decent snow storm!  We received 10 inches of snow overnight and still have light flurries falling. It would appear that trails may be open for this coming weekend.  But please check back later in the week for confirmation.

You can obtain trail reports from both Rangeley RLSC and Pittsburg PRRSC clubs on their websites.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trails will remain CLOSED this weekend

Even though this Saturday is December 15th, the snowmobile trails will NOT be open.  We do not have enough snow (only about 3 inches on the ground here at camp) to ride just yet and most of the lakes in the area are NOT safe to cross.

The extended weather forecast looks to be in our favor, so let's hope for a nice big snow storm (or two) to get this season going.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Good news, bad news.  The bad news is prior to yesterday we had lost all the snow received to date.  However, the GOOD news is, we received another four inches yesterday with freezing rain to finish off the storm.  That means a nice base to start building a good amount of accumulation.

The lake at this end has been iced over for about three weeks, but is still NOT safe to cross.  The big river has some open water, but these consistent cold temperatures will put an end to that quickly.  We had light snow showers today with a high of 24 degrees.  Let's all cross our fingers and hope for a nice old fashioned snow storm to get this season started.

Don't forget that a Bosebuck Gift certificate is always the right size and can be purchased in any amount with just a phone call.

Friday, November 30, 2012

That's right, on this last day of November the temperature was 2 degrees BELOW zero this morning and we received two inches of fresh snow.  Perhaps this is a good sign of a great snowmobiling season to come.  Let's hope!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

To date we have registered 41 deer this season, four of which were taken by guests of Bosebuck Mountain Camps including John's 178 pound 7-pointer and Anthony's nice 2-pointer.  His Dad went home without filling his tag, but very pleased that Anthony took his first deer in this area.  Muzzle loader season will end this Saturday, so we should have a few more to record in the books.

With an overnight low of 3.2 degrees, the lake has now completely frozen over at this end.  I spotted the first coyote of the season just a short while ago meandering the shoreline up the river.  Too far away for a good shot, but I'll keep my eyes open.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Snowmobile Reciprocal Weekend 2013

Open Snowmobile Weekend

In accordance with Title 12, Section 13104, Subsection 15, the IF&W Commissioner has selected the weekend of January 25, 26, and 27, 2013 to be the Reciprocal Snowmobile Weekend in Maine. This has also been confirmed as the reciprocal weekend in New Hampshire and Vermont.

This allows for all legally registered New Hampshire and Vermont snowmobiles to be operated in Maine without a current Maine registration. This also allows for all legally registered Maine snowmobiles to be operated in New Hampshire and Vermont without being registered in that states as well.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We are well into the 2012 deer season and already registered 27 deer here at camp, two of which were taken by our lodging guests. Still no snow on the ground to tack but the temperatures have been very cold overnight and only reaching the high 30's during the day. Of course of early risers are finding the woods a bit "crunchy", but head out just the same chasing that big buck.

The ice has started it's progress across the lake and the little river has already iced over. Another couple nights and we won't see free flowing water until April.

Members of the Snowmobile Club have been busy preparing the groomer for a great season.  Trail work has almost been completed and they are all looking forward to a lot of SNOW.  They will be working with the Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club this year to share the grooming duties for portions of ITS84.  If you would like to become a member or donate to the trail maintenance fund, please visit their website for additional information.

Peace be with you Joe.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank you Veterans for your service, dedication and sacrifice.  Without you, this flag would not be flying free.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Let your voice be heard.  Cast your ballot for YOUR country today!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Congratulations to Robert who took this nice 8-pointer on the second day of the season.  I would say not bad for his first deer.  His Dad is still out looking to score his own deer to take home before they leave Sunday morning.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Well, Sandy came through last night with very strong winds but the skies have cleared (we actually have some patches of blue) now and she left us with a little rain which should help bring the water level up in the lake.  We only lost a couple of spruce trees, one of which conveniently fell right onto the wood pile, and no damage.  How great is that?  Mike and Chad will chop that up and set it aside for the New Year's Eve bonfire.  Have you made your reservation yet?

Deer season is here already with opening day yesterday for non- residents.  We do have a few openings for next week and Thanksgiving week if you find you now have the time to get in a little hunting.  The extended forecast is calling for cooling weather and perhaps some light snow to help track that big buck.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Five guys with dogs plus a lot of miles equals one great day of hunting.  Allen, Kyle, Junior, Mike and Dallas returned to camp tired but happy with their of grouse on Thursday.  The long drive from Ohio was well worth it.  See you all next year.

Deer season is right around the corner believe it or not with opening day for Maine residents this Saturday, October 27th.  We still have some openings if you haven't reserved your cabin just yet, give me a call and we can discuss your options.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Snow on the Pumpkins

That's right, we skipped right over the frost and went straight to snow.  This was the scene here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps this morning at 7AM.  Perhaps this bodes well for deer season and the upcoming snowmobile season.  Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

This is a very good friend of ours who took a NH bear last week and stopped by show us his successful hunt.  Good job Kirk!

The fishing season closed on September 30th for our fishery and although conditions could have been better, the lack of rain held river levels lower than normal, we finished on a good note.  We even had a couple owners of other fishing camps visit Bosebuck for fishing in the western mountains of Maine.  After hours of fishing in his "full on fish mode" Duncan hauled in his personal best salmon in this fishery to date.

Doug and his group of lake fishermen arrived last week for their annual contest for the largest fish and Mike (not my Mike) walked away with the title this year.  A 20 1/4" salmon, so his name will go on the trophy and Doug will have to wait another year.  The six of them caught over 100 fish here on Aziscohos Lake (all returned except one that was served at breakfast) in three days.  Calling all fishermen to put Bosebuck and Aziscohos Lake on their "to do" list for next spring or fall.  Don't wait to call or it may be too late.

So here we are at bird season and Mike & Sue have returned from Virginia for another week of hunting. Jimmy and his three boy were here for opening day and they returned home with grouse, a woodcock and even a couple of rabbits.

Mike is busy cleaning up his bear sites and has been seeing lots of birds, rabbits and deer too.  Speaking of which, have you made your reservation for deer season yet?  If not, call now before our cabins are full and you're left out in the cold.

Monday, September 24, 2012

These are the final three of ten total bear taken by guests of Bosebuck Mountain Camps during the 2012 bear season.  Congrats to David, Ralph & Wes.

We have also arrived at the final week of fishing season for this fishery and the cool night temps combined with the recent rainfall should result in great conditions for the last seven days of the season.

Fall foliage is near peak already for us and mealtimes have been shifted to accommodate the fishermen and soon to arrive bird hunters.  Breakfast runs from 6AM to 8AM with a single seating for dinner at 6PM (a reservation of at least 24 hours in advance is required for non-lodging guests).  Lunch is still available from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM with no reservation required.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Congratulations to Samanntha who harvested her first bear right here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps.  She  travelled all the way from PA with her Mom and Randy and headed home yesterday with her own trophy.  Randy saw his trophy, but it's still in the big woods.  He has pledged to return next season to take it home.

Week two of the season has closed but another six hunters have arrived in camp.  After a great meal at noon, they will gear-up, camo-out and hit the stands.  Good luck boys!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Great start to the 2012 bear season here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps.  Six of seven hunters have already tagged out and the seventh is going out again tonight to end the week on a high note.  Congrats to Joe, Paul, Dan, Nathaniel (who's just 11 years of age), Roger and Carl.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

For those of you who have checked our webcams periodically I hope you have seen the better picture quality within the last two weeks.  Thanks to Dave who suggested we try an auto headlight lens cleaning kit on the camera lens covers to clean the the dust & debris that had become embedded in the plastic.  Thanks!

Well here we are starting day three of Bear season and although no bear have been taken yet, our hunters have seen 11 bear on stand.  All the variables haven't quite come together yet, but tonight might be the night and of course these cooler temps might be just the key to success.

Thanks to Jerry, Mike O., Rick, John S., John C., Chip and Mike G. (I know, way too many Johns & Mikes to keep track of in this group) for all their help in preparing for the season.  Hopefully all the hard work will result in some great bear photos on this blog very soon!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Well the fish in the lake are safe once again.  Ned and Ginny left yesterday and packed the cooler with the keepers that Mike didn't cook while they were here.  Ned even took the family from France out one evening so they could experience landing a couple nice wild fish from Aziscohos Lake.

Thomas, Jamie and our grandkids, Loralie & John Robert arrived on Saturday so we are trying to fit in as much family time as possible with this many guests in camp.

We did have rain yesterday and additional rainfall overnight into the morning.  It did clear by mid-morning to reveal a beautiful day with slightly cooler temps.  Good thing, because if we'd had another scorcher, Mike was headed way north! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mike wants me to tell you that I'm finally warm with the heat we have been experiencing over the past few days, but actually 85 degrees is comfortable for me.  The lake has seen a lot of swimming action and I think one of the little girls here has started to develop gills as she has been in the water so much.

Ned, was out early this morning and again returned with another nice fish. The dock did not disappoint last night either.  Two nice salmon, a few missed opportunities and some chubs were hauled in by those who  paid attention to Mike's instruction. I think they are becoming believers in that a nice fish can be taken right off the dock.

John is actually here relaxing with his wife.  No hammer in his hand this trip.  They enjoyed a boat ride last evening after diner and John managed to catch a nice salmon.  I think he was just trying to impress his wife?

Shannon had the early shift today and saw two moose and nice buck on her drive in.  Much better than dealing with rush hour traffic don't you think?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Just as the summer weather kicks in, we are in full stride with families vacationing here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps.  The cabins are full including a family that has travelled all the way from France to enjoy the Maine wilderness.

Ned is out every morning before breakfast and then in the evening after dinner trying his luck at pulling in a keeper for breakfast.  He got the job done yesterday so he and Ginny enjoyed a nice fresh salmon with their eggs this morning.

The warm weather has slowed the fishing down a bit, but if you can manage to sink a line without catching the bottom, you may find success!  The dock if full of little fishermen all trying to catch that big one!  We'll see how the competition shakes out.

Mike went off yesterday to check on some areas he has been meaning to investigate for some time now.  He asked me to pass along to anyone interested, that the new dam at Boundary Pond is well underway.  He didn't say much about exactly where he traveled, but I could tell from the twinkle in his eye that he definitely found what he was looking for.  I'm guessing another piece of the puzzle for the upcoming hunting season.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The weather has been exceptional the last couple of days.  65 degrees at 12:30 in the afternoon with a slight breeze off the lake.  It's just a bit too cool for me but Mike and the rest of the crew are lovin it.

A father and son, staying in cabin #9 for a few days, took a drive last evening just before dark to scout for wildlife.  They told Mike this morning they must have seen 50 rabbits!  What's going on the in woods?

This winter's firewood has been delivered, so Chad and Mike have their work cut out for them to get it cut, split and stacked in the woodshed before snow flies.

The plans have been drawn so Mike and Jerry are getting ready to build the coyote blinds.  They will be heated and positioned overlooking bait piles.  Give us a call if you would like to give it a try.  Availability will open after deer season closes on December 1st.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I made the mistake of running in to town for shopping yesterday.  What was I thinking, driving on the Friday of a holiday weekend?  I get nervous driving on paved roads now and the traffic, ugh!  Thank goodness gas prices are falling.  Hopefully more families will be able to vacation this summer.

The kids were out on the dock fishing even before breakfast this morning, but their parents managed to drag them into the dining room to eat.  Although we were expecting high temps and full sun today, the sky is overcast with a slight breeze from the north.

Phil has been fishing the river pretty hard all week and seen a lot of action.  A few nice brookies and salmon too.

Mike has started to check on his bear sites since bating will begin at the end of the month.  He and Jerry saw 4 deer, 22 rabbits and 10 grouse (8 of which had broods tagging along) on their rounds yesterday.  We still have a few open slots for bear hunts this fall, so give us a call if you're interested.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Birthday to the United States of America.  As we celebrate this day, let's keep in mind the real reasons we are celebrating.  Take a moment to think of, and thank those, who have defended our freedoms for some 236 years. 

The fishing seems to be pretty good even though we have slipped into summer.  Brian had a great time on the river last evening while his family enjoyed a boat tour on the lake with Mike.  They saw loons with their chicks, deer feeding at the shore and of course the eaglets that are growing like weeds.

Claire caught another nice salmon off the dock which they all enjoyed for breakfast this morning and because somebody has to saw her Uncle Phil how to fish.

Monday, July 2, 2012

I can't believe it, July 2nd, and 2012 is half over already.  Our summer season has begun and the families have started to arrive.  Our discounted rates for adults and two kids under age 16 FREE certainly helps to stretch the family vacation budget.  These rates will be in effect through August 12th and we still have a few lakefront cabins available.  If you have the time, give me a call to reserve your very own cabin for a few days.

Our guests are continuing to report numerous wildlife sightings, including a moose right here on the back lawn this morning.  Deer, bear, grouse with loads of chicks and rabbits by the dozen now (Hey rabbit hunters, put a trip to Bosebuck on your schedule for early December as conditions are looking terrific).  Don't tell Mike I passed this along, but he told me he has seen a couple of really nice bucks.  He even thinks one of them is the "one that slipped away" from him this past fall.

The eagle chicks are doing just fine.  Mike and I took a quick ride over in the pontoon boat on Saturday afternoon to be sure they had settled back into their usual routine.  They were both standing on the edge of the nest looking pretty fat and happy.  On the way back to camp, I saw a loon with a newborn chick catching a ride on her back.  How cute!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Eagle Banding 2012

This is the third consecutive year I have participated in banding the eagle chicks from the nest on the island directly across from camp. These two siblings are about 5 weeks old and believe me they were a handful and then some. They grow fast but won't be ready to fly for at least another 5 to 6 weeks.  It was a great experience as always, Thanks Bill!

Rick, Carter and two special guests are up fishing the river today. Last week we were concerned about low water levels but with non-stop rain we've gone the other way and were looking for levels to drop and clear so they could have some decent fishing.  It appears to be just right, so they should enjoy their day on the river.

I spotted Jerry and Gordon over at his favorite fishing hole early this morning.  Oh the stories they must be telling over there.  Good luck fellas.

Our Summer Rate special kicks in on July first so if you haven't made plans for a summer get-a-way to the lake, give me a call as I still have a few spots open.  We are all looking forward to the multi-generational families that return year after year to enjoy the great outdoors at Bosebuck Mountain Camps.

Mike has booked several bear hunters this past week, but does a few slots still open.  If you are thinking of booking a hunt, call now before they are all taken.  Of course we could schedule you for 2013 if 2012 is filled.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bosebuck Little Trout - flies, prints & cards

Thanks to Rick Estes who designed this unique fly for Bosebuck Mountain Camps and artist Ann Maulucci who has captured it's beautiful detail in colored pencil, you can now purchase a little piece of Bosebuck to take home.  Flies with a #2, #4 or #6 hook, matted prints in 5x7 or 8x10 as well as blank notecards with envelopes are available for purchase.  If you just can't fit a trip to camp into your busy schedule, give me a call and I can ship to you.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Well our internet troubles seem to have cleared up as quickly as they appeared. I must have an e-gremlin living here unseen. The webcams haven't quite gotten on board yet, so the uploads are still sporadic.

Good luck to all the lucky State of Maine moose lottery winners whose names were drawn yesterday. Please keep in mind that we are located in Wildlife Management District (WMD) #7. Here are just a couple advantages if you stay at Bosebuck Mountain Camps for your moose hunt; access to a gated area and Mike is in the woods on a daily basis beginning at the end of July, so he knows where moose are and their movements. We have a fully guided hunt package or you can "go it alone". Give us a call to discuss booking your hunt.

Yes, it certainly rained yesterday, not only rain, but hail, thunder & lightening all accompanied by strong, gusting winds. At one point the wind was so strong it blew the wooden chairs right of the dock into the lake. Mike was able to retrieve them after things calmed down a bit. The storm moved out just in time for our eight Fly n' Dine guests to keep their reservations for dinner last night. Keith at Acadian Seaplanes was able to make both trips from his seaplane base in Rangeley.

Some of our photographer guests have returned again this year to capture the beauty that surrounds us here. They have already captured unbelievable shots of the loon chicks riding on the backs of their parents, eagles in flight, deer and perspectives of nature that can only be appreciated in the split second of the camera's lens.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jim, Eric and Will had a great day on the lake with Fern and returned with fish for breakfast this morning.  Nothing like eggs and salmon to start the day!

Mark and Wyman also had a wonderful day above the gates fishing on the river.  They experienced a lot of action even with the rising temperatures.  They are off to the Androscoggin River for a drift boat trip with Rick Estes of Owls Roost Outfitters today.  We sent them off this morning with extra bottled water and the following instructions; stay cool, catch fish and drink (water of course) to stay hydrated.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jim, Eric and Bill arrived at camp yesterday and will be spending the next two days on the lake with Fern.  Jim first fished Aziscohos 67 years ago at the age of 7 which just so happens to be the current age of his grandson, Bill.  The three generations will have a great time sharing Jim's memories and creating new ones together.

Mike actually left camp yesterday and saw six deer, two of which were bucks, on his way out.  This sure is shaping up to be a great deer season.  You should consider a week of hunting with us, we'll cook and clean so you can concentrate on hunting.  After a long day in the woods you can return to a warm cabin and a hot delicious, hearty meal.  Our price is $699.00 (plus 7% tax & 15% gratuity) per person for a Sunday to Sunday package.  Since you can't hunt in Maine on Sunday, use that for your travel day so you don't miss any valuable time in the woods.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Well the fishing was pretty good this weekend despite the bright sunshine and warm temperatures.  Of course the fishermen love a little overcast and cooler temps, but they survived with a little extra beverage of choice and extra sunscreen.

Our Internet connection is "acting up" again, so the webcams and my access to this blog and email have been sporadic.  Please be patient and keep trying.  If you see electronics floating in the lake it's because I just couldn't take it any more and through the whole computer, router, etc right in!

Two bear and at least 20 deer were seen this weekend by our guests and too many rabbits to count.  I'm not sure what the Chinese calender says, but in this neck of the woods, it's the year of the rabbit.

JC and Dave finished up the Father's Day weekend as strong as it began.  Marc and his boys maintained a presence on the dock and certainly had their fill of salmon.  They have all booked for 2013, so see you then if not before.  Thanks to all our guests for a great, busy weekend.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Well the Grant boys have departed and managed to leave a few fish behind.  See you again next year!

The Lake is still producing decent fish and plenty of action.  The River is fishing well and Rick is hard at it with a couple of sports today.

The deer are making their presence known as most of our guests are coming in and relating the details of their sightings on a daily basis.

Anna had another crack at a big brookie last evening after dinner but was just a hair too late according to her father.  They departed camp this morning, bag lunches in hand and smiles on their faces.  We said our good byes and wished Anna good luck on her new job having just graduated from college a few weeks ago.

Dave and JC are up to Parmachenee Lake today trying their luck with those fish.  We'll see should receive a full report tonight after dinner.

Even though we haven't caught a glimpse of them just yet, the adult eagles are busy feeding their young.  It seems to be a full time job!

Happy Father's Day Weekend to all and enjoy this beautiful stretch of weather that has been forecasted.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's Flag Day, are your Colors flying?

They certainly are here a Bosebuck Mountain Camps. 

Spring fishing is still going strong both in the rivers and on the lake due to the amount of rainfall over the past few weeks.  Of course we have a lot of fathers and sons in camp this week and for the upcoming weekend, but we also have a father and daughter here. Anna spent her first day ever fly fishing on the river with her Dad and one of our guides, Seth.  They returned to camp hungry, tired and excited.  She hooked a large brookie but was unable to land it but there's always tomorrow to fish another day.

Dave and JC boated 20 fish on the lake yesterday and had a couple of keepers for breakfast this morning. Dave, Jeff and Charlie are back again this year and as always are finding the fish in the lake and the rivers.

Mark found fish too and discovered  another way to drive to the lower end of the lake.  Thanks for the advise Mark! 

Bear and deer seem to be in abundance of late which is an extra treat for many of our guests that have seen them.  Looks like it will be a good season for both.  Give us a call to book your hunt as we still have a few openings for our bear hunting season.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Now that the skies have finally cleared and I can access the Internet again (heavy cloud cover interrupts our satellite signal) I can update you on the happenings at Bosebuck Mountain Camps.  Like most of you, we have received a large amount of rainfall in the past 10 days so water levels are higher than normal for this late in the spring.  Good news is 1) we won't have to mow the front lawn that's under water and 2) the extra water should extend the fishing season well into the month of June.

Fishing has been good to great with the exception of a few days when the water levels were too high to wade.  An  over night wait allows things to settle down and the fishermen are right back at it.

It is definitely spring since many of the staff and our lodging guests have seen lots of newborn wildlife including, a fawn shortly after birth, a calf moose, bunnies are everywhere and grouse chicks that are so small they look like cotton balls with legs scurrying along after their Momma.

Our Summer Rate special of $109.00 per adult (plus tax & gratuity) with up to two kids FREE with each paid adult will begin on July 1st and run through the first two weeks of August.  I do have some lakefront cabins still available so call if you would love to enjoy a few days on the lake.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2013

Thank you veterans, all those currently serving in the US armed forces and their families who support them.  America would not be the country it is today without your dedication and sacrifice.  We truly appreciate and support your commitment.  Our future is bright thanks to all of you.

Remember, this isn't just another Monday holiday.  Please make the time to say thank to those who are serving,  have served and pause to give thought to those who paid the ultimate price for your freedom.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

As you can see from this webcam shot, the sun is out and the water is high.  According to the extended forecast, it appears we are finally in for a few days of sunny weather to get some work done outside.  Of course there is always painting, laundry and the grass needs to be mowed (the portion that isn't under water).

The salmon and trout are biting and the fishermen were all in bright and early this morning for breakfast to head out for another day on the water.  Of course we also had some very early risers who fished first and then returned to camp to eat.  The have priorities!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Wilderness Navigation Class 2012

Mark your calendar. The Wilderness Navigation Course will be held here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps August 24th - 26th.  Navigation skills are as important as knowing how to make a fire…maybe even more so.  If you can read a map and compass, you can often get yourself out of many of the dangerous circumstances that can suddenly develop in the backcountry, no matter how well prepared you are.  Join us for this comprehensive course taught by former New Hampshire Game Warden, Rick Estes.  Details can be found at .  A 50% deposit is required to confirm your lodging and course participation.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

As you can see, my flowers have finally bloomed here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps.  After two weeks of rain, I think they were just waiting for the sun to shine which it did beautifully yesterday.  Although it has yet to make an appearance today.

The fishermen are happy with the overcast skies.  They tell me it's perfect conditions.... not too bright or windy unlike yesterday. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Congratulations to our nephew Dale (pictured above with his father, David) who shot his first turkey this past weekend.  He weighed in at 16 pounds.

Our fishermen of the Spring 2012 season will be arriving tomorrow and thanks to the recent rainfall, conditions are looking good.  The water levels in the rivers, ponds and lake have risen over the past two weeks and currently sit at near normal.  It has been cold overnight though so I'm sure the water temperature will require long johns under waders for at least another week or two.

Hope you had a chance to view the full moon last night.  We had a spectacular view from here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps.  It was so full and bright it almost looked fake.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Well here we are, May 1st and vacation is over.  The project list is nearing completion and our fishermen will be arriving on Monday, May 7th.  We are excited to begin another season and look forward to greeting old friends and first time visitors to Bosebuck Mountain Camps.  Our entire crew, Ann, Shannon, Dana and Chad have all returned and we have all been working to get this place in tip top condition.

"Ice-out" for Aziscohos was declared on April 15th and even though snowfall was below average this winter, lake levels are now near normal due to recent rain (including today) and  two inches of fresh snow this past weekend. After some unseasonably warm temperatures in March, we have returned to cooler temperatures with overnight lows in the teens.  Fishermen, be sure to pack your long johns because you'll need them under your waders.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yes, we are still here and so isn't our typical New England weather.  Last week the mercury hit a high of 82 degrees but for the last two days we have been in the depths of winter again.  As you can see from this webcam photo, sunrise this morning revealed the cold, hard truth... snow.

Just when the fishermen were getting excited thinking they might be able to wet a line earlier than usual, cold temperatures have returned to Bosebuck Mountain Camps.  With that said, many of our spring dates for fly fishing the upper Magalloway have already been reserved, but we still have some openings.  If you haven't called to make your reservation yet I would advise you to call sooner than later.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Can you believe it?  This is the end of our fifth winter here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps.  Mike & I would like to thank everyone that came by for food &/or gas and also those who enjoyed a stay! Unfortunately snow conditions this season have failed to live up to past experiences and spring riding has come and gone already.  All trail grooming has ceased for the year and we would like to extend a very big THANKS to RLSC, their groomer operator, Eben and the new club, Bosebuck Mountain Riders

The dining room will be closing tomorrow, Sunday, March 18th, 2012, for the winter season.  I know the fishermen will be watching the web cams like a hawk just waiting for the ice to retreat, but right now we plan to reopen on Thursday, May 10th.  Check back for an update as this may change depending on the weather conditions.

And, two more deer killers gone.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Yes, it was a beautiful day here yesterday. Yes, the sun was shining and the thermometer actually hit 60 degrees.  Yes, we did receive a little rain and some snow did melt.  YES, the temperature dropped like a rock after mid-night and the mist turned to snow leaving behind at least 3 inches late last night into this morning.  The wind from the north has died down and we can actually see across the lake now.  Current conditions at 6:52AM are; 20 degrees, wind from the Northwest at 5 to 8 MPH and light snow falling.

For those travelling from NH on 20 to ITS 84, please be advised that there is a considerable amount of water on the trail.  It has been marked, but you should use caution in that area.  With the warm temps of yesterday, you may find other areas along the trail that softened yesterday and refroze overnight so please be aware of current trail conditions.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

After all our waiting for winter it has finally arrived here in March.  Although the sun is shining in brilliant blue skies, the thermometer was reading 15 degrees below zero at 6:30 this morning.  We have some of the best trail conditions right now than perhaps at any other time this season...  and it's March.  What's up with that?

With only four weeks left in the season, it's now or never so get on that sled and experience the great outdoors.  Reservations for this weekend are filling quickly, so call ASAP before you miss out.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It seems a though now that it has started snowing it doesn't want to stop.  We awoke to another 6 inches of snow this morning and it's still coming down.  Current temp is 17 degrees and the sun is just now making it's way out from behind the clouds.  Look at it this way, with 2012 being a leap year, you have an extra day to ride!

We still have some cabins available for this weekend, so give me a call and load up your gear.  Riding couldn't be any better that this!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

At long last a REAL winter snow storm has arrived at Bosebuck Mountain Camps.  We received a good 12 inches of snow overnight and it's still coming down.  The RLSC groomer made a complete trip last night, so get on that sled and ride.  This is what we have all been so patiently waiting for.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

We received three inches of fresh, fluffy, sticky snow overnight just in time to cover the groomer tracks from last night's run.  Skies are in a heavy overcast with a current temp of 32 degrees and rising.  Trail conditions are good to great with thin spots in and around towns.

With school vacations in many areas this week, we have seen a lot of families enjoying time together in the great outdoors.  Temps have been hovering around freezing so it's not too cold for the kids, but cold enough to keep the snow we have on the ground.

Just another friendly reminder - legally, as soon as you cross the state border, you need a Maine registration for your sled.  Yes, even to ride into Bosebuck.

Friday, February 17, 2012

YES, it's snowing!  We have a little over an inch on the ground already this morning and it's still coming down.  All our cabins are booked for the holiday weekend, but we do have some openings mid-week.  So, if your schedule allows for little adventure on a week day, give us a call and avoid the extra traffic.

Good job Jerry for taking down another coyote.  That's one less that we'll have to worry about harassing the deer herd.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Maine Snowmobile Registration REQUIRED

We had another busy weekend here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps.  Thank you to all our regular patrons and the new faces who stopped by for their first visit.  We'd love to see you all again.

There were some issues with registrations, so let's make this perfectly clear; by Maine state law, as soon as you cross the border into Maine you need a Maine registration for your sled. And, yes, that means even to come into Bosebuck whether it be for food, gas or any other reason.  For those who have called an inquired about this issue, we have always passed along this same information. 

We offer the opportunity to obtain a non-resident registration here at Bosebuck as a courtesy to our lodging guests and also to those off the trail who choose to purchase a registration in that manner.  Yes, we require cash only because the State of Maine only pays agents a single $1.00 per registration and after the time needed to process the paperwork and mail the monthly reports, we are not making any money as a registration agent.

For those of you who were mad, upset or frustrated at the Maine Warden Service for doing their job, please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to know the laws before you ride.  Not a single ticket was written on Bosebuck property for those without registrations.  On the contrary, everyone was given the opportunity to purchase a registration and avoid a possible fine. 

Please keep in mind that those same Warden's who may have gotten your dander up are the same guys who will find you after an accident on the trail during the middle of the night with sub-zero temperatures.  It's a thankless job, but someones got to do it.  We have limited natural resources and they are the guardians.

How about taking all that negative energy and turning it into a positive by shining a light on the situation and taking steps to change it.  Contact your NH or Maine legislator and ask them to reinstate reciprocity between the two states.  This will only benefit everyone and give you more great trails to ride!

RLSC's groomer was on schedule with his Sunday night run from Oquossoc so those venturing out this morning will be riding on a freshly groomed trail.  Thanks Eben!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday has once again arrived and we are busy preparing for another banner day here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps.  The current temperature is 20 degrees with light snow falling.  I wish I could tell you that we received a foot of fresh snow, but that is not the case.  On the bright side, due to the cold temps we have been experiencing, many nights below zero, we have held onto what snow has managed to come our way.  Of course we want more, more, more, so keep wishing for that big Nor'easter.  I know many of you have no snow, but trails here are in good to great condition.

The groomer from Oquossoc completed his appointed rounds last night arriving here at Bosebuck around 11PM.  Those riding ITS 84 are certainly in for a treat this morning on that freshly groomed trail.  Hope to see in the dinning room today!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

No big snow storms, but we are picking up smaller amounts, 2, 3 and 4 inches of snow every other day or so.  We have light snow falling this morning and the RLSC groomer was in yesterday on his usual Wednesday run.  Although it did warm to 36 degrees yesterday, we had plenty of snow on the ground to absorb what little rain we did receive.  Overnight temps plunged into the teens and we are currently holding at 19 degrees this morning.

Based on the feedback received from riders the past two days, trails are in great condition and have rebounded very well from the enormous weekend traffic.

Monday, January 30, 2012


That's all I have to say about this past weekend.

If anyone had any doubts about whether or not reciprocity benefits both states the answer is perfectly clear, YES!

We experienced record breaking days this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday and we are especially thankful to our staff; Ann, Dana, Shannon, Chad & Irene for all their extra effort.  We appreciate the patronage from all those who stopped in for food and/or gas for their sled. 

Thanks also to Mike Koob for traveling into Bosebuck early Sunday morning on his day off to replenish our gas tank.  That single nozzle on our tank had more action in three days then in the prior four weeks prior combined.

Due to the heavy traffic the trails of course were in rough shape by the end of the day yesterday.  However, the RLSC groomer made it's usual trip last night with Eben at the helm.  The four inches of fresh snow that we received last night was a nice topping for the frozen base already in place.

PS: Thanks Jerry, Mike, Rick, Mike and Capt. John

Thursday, January 26, 2012

ME, NH, VT Reciprocity Weekend

Finally these states have come together to allow sleds to ride with a valid registration (Vermont also requires proof of insurance) into any of the three adjoining states this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (JAN 27/28/29).

With a forecast for 4 to 8 inches of snow tonight into tomorrow morning, conditions should be near peak.   Although our cabins are fully booked for the weekend, we will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner by advance reservation as usual.

ITS84 from Oquossoc was groomed last night by RLSC and Eben is doing a great job keeping the trail in the best possible condition.  We are expecting a very busy weekend and look forward to seeing some old friends and new faces alike. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bring it on!  Another three inches of fresh powder arrived overnight and it's still coming down.

Snoedeo in Rangeley will be underway today with demo booths at Rev-it-Up, Oquossoc Marine and Boss Power Equipment.  The Rave-X show starts at 5PM with the Welcome to Snodeo with a Bowl-A-Thon will begin at 4PM at Moose Alley. Hope everyone enjoys this year's events.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Got Snow?

We do!

Did you notice that we received another 3 inches of snow Tuesday Night?  Load up the sled and come ride.  Back country snow depths are greater than three feet in some places and the groomer from Oquossoc came through last night on ITS84.

Snodeo in Rangeley kicks off tonight with Casino Night at the Rangeley Inn. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Was Friday the 13th your lucky day?  It was here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps since we received another 8 inches of snow overnight Friday.  That's right, they predicted maybe 3 but we woke to 8 inches instead.  I guess we are going to make up for lost riding quickly.

Needless to say, our dining room was very busy and seemed like it was THE place to be yesterday.  Reports from the trail were all exceptional.  Deep powder in the back country and fabulous groomed trails.  RLSC's groomer completed a round trip on Friday night, so ITS84 was in mint condition for Saturday riding. It was nice to see many of our returning guests and for those who ventured this way yet, we hope to see you soon.

Reminders for your calendar -  Snodeo in Rangeley next weekend then Reciprocity Weekend with Maine, NH & Vermont January 27,28 & 29.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Finally the snow has arrived in sufficient quantity.  Bosebuck Mountain Camps received at least 8 inches of fresh snow yesterday with light snow showers through most of the night.  The forecast is calling for a second system to travel through today which may result in another 3 inches.

The new groomer operator from RLSC, who runs from Oquossoc to Bosebuck and back, made his first trip on Wednesday with another planned for today.  The regular schedule for grooming ITS 84 should the same as last year, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights.

Our dining room is open and well stocked serving breakfast from 7AM to 10AM, and lunch daily from 11AM to 3PM.  Dinner at 6PM is available by advance reservation of least 24 hours. 

2011/2012 RLSC Trail maps should arrive at some point today and we are still a Maine snowmobile registration station (CASH ONLY).  We also have gasoline for sale which must be pre-paid in the lodge.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let's not count our snowballs before we can throw them but..... the forecast is looking great!   Finally a real snowstorm due to arrive late tonight and into the day tomorrow with possible accumulations of 6 to 12 inches.

The Rangeley Club has opened some trails north of town and we have had sleds in from Oquossoc already.  For current trails conditions  Trails have a good solid base so the expected snowfall will only improve conditions tremendously.

The Pittsburgh Club has also opened about 80% of their trail system and current conditions can be found at

For all you back country riders, reports yesterday and today are snow knee deep or better in the elevations.  Please remember that Greentop Road, Lincoln Pond Road, Canada Road into Bowmantown and some roads in Bowmantown have been plowed so PLEASE do not ride on these or any other plowed road.  The landowners extend the privilege of access to ride this great country so let's not loose the opportunity by riding where we shouldn't.

We have received several calls for lodging reservations already.  Call now so you don't miss out on a great weekend of riding.

Monday, January 9, 2012

We had an OK weekend with riders from both Maine and New Hampshire.  Most were pleasantly surprised with the conditions and amount of snow they encountered.  Higher elevations and back country riders found spots with at least a foot of powder to ride.

The Rangeley Club should be starting their grooming operations soon and Pittsburgh is active on about 75% of their system.

The extended forecast for this week is snow and/or snow showers everyday so load up the sleds and head north.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Good News, it's snowing again today and we picked up 3 inches yesterday.  With that in mind here is an update of current trail conditions;

     Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club has given the green light to open ITS 84 on this end tomorrow (Saturday, January 7th) but it will NOT be groomed.  Bosebuck Mountain Camps will be open tomorrow for breakfast from 7AM to 10AM and lunch from 11AM to 3PM.

     Pittsburgh Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club will be opening about 75% of their trail system tomorrow and will be grooming to the state line.

Let the riding begin.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

We welcomed the new year with guests, friends, a great bonfire, champagne toast and fireworks at midnight.  Happy New Year and may it be healthy and prosperous for all.

As you can see from the webcams, we still do not have sufficient snow to sled so the trails remain closed.  We have had some rain overnight, but do have light snow falling this morning with temps around 32 degrees.

Although you can't sled, you can still hunt coyotes and/or snowshoe hare.  Due to the lack of deep accumulated snow on the ground, conditions are just about perfect for hunting either species and we do have a few bait sites for coyotes.  Pack up your gear and dogs and give us a call to take advantage of these unusual conditions.