Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall has definitely arrived here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps as you can see from the photo I just snapped off the dock. I would say that foliage is just about at it's peak and with the wind picking up and rain in the forecast for Sunday all leaf peepers should be out and about today and tomorrow for the best viewing.

Water levels in the lakes and rivers are low and all the fishermen are praying for rain. The big fish are ready and waiting patiently to head up river. Activity in some of the deeper pools has been hit or miss depending on location, temperature and time of day. If we receive the rain predicted on Sunday, fishing next week should be excellent. Although we are fully booked for this weekend, we do have a few openings for Sunday/Monday/Tuesday. If your schedule is flexible and you can get away for the last few days of the season, give me a call.

Our last group of bear hunters are out on stand this morning hoping that this cool weather has them moving about. If not, they still have tonight and tomorrow night to fill that tag.

Our Deer hunters have started to call for November reservations. The deer population is strong and healthy in this area of the state, so call today and come stay for a week of "big country" hunting. Our weekly package is $699.00 (plus tax, gratuity & license) per person and includes meals, lodging and cabin services for Saturday arrival and departure the following Sunday.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big Buck Dining Room

Big Buck Dining room has a new look thanks to Isaac Legendre of Legendre Fine Custom Woodworking of Oxford, MA. He has created eleven new tables for our guests to comfortably enjoy all the great food served here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps.
Not only are they beautifully custom made just for us, but they are very functional in that they are all the same width making it simple to seat a large party. And even better are the adjustable feet which are a must for this old floor!
Although we started the day at 34 degrees, the sun is shining brightly in a brilliant blue sky and has already warmed us to 59 degrees. We do have a slight breeze from the northeast, but that's okay because I have laundry on the line. There's nothing crawling into a tightly made bed at the end of a long day and smelling those fresh, crisp sheets.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm back! I just returned to Bosebuck Mountain Camps after a short, four day trip to Charleston, SC to attend the Chief Petty Officer pinning ceremony for my son, Thomas. Thanks for your service and congrats!

Just as we were finishing breakfast this morning, we watched a bull and cow moose along the shore just across the little river. He only had eyes for her, but she wasn't interested in him one tiny bit and was really palying hard to get. I have to give him credit for trying and as we last saw them entering the tree line for a little privacy, his persistence appeared to be paying off. Maybe we'll see the twins next spring?

The weather here is much colder than I have been enjoying with only a current temperature of 48 degrees as I write this post at 11:25AM on Saturday morning. Of course the northeast wind blowing at 7-15 MPH isn't helping to bring up the temps any.

The fishermen are here and hoping for rain, rain and more rain. We did receive some yesterday and a little more overnight, but not enough to bring the water levels up to where the fish can move upstream easily. Don't get me wrong, they are catching fish, but "the run" has started yet.

Our fourth and final group of bear hunters of will be arriving at camp on Monday. We have had a very successful season so far and have already begun receiving reservations for next year. Since we limit our hunters to only six per week, it makes sense to reserve early. If you are contemplating a bear hunt at Bosebuck next year, call and make a reservation today and we'll invoice you for the 50% deposit 90 days in advance of your stay.

Mike has been seeing a good number of both birds and deer while out and about attending to his bear sites. These colder temps, although no frost yet, seems to have spurred their activity. We still have cabins available in October for bird hunting and openings in November for deer hunting. Give us a call if you have some time to come and enjoy the great outdoors.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Congratulations Dan on your successful bear hunt. We are well into the second week of the season and all the guys are enjoying their stay. Fishing in the morning, a delicious meal at noon then out to their stands for the hunt until dark.
We also have fishermen in camp and although the weather has been beautiful I think they are secretly wishing for rain. Even with all the rain in June and July, the lakes, rivers and ponds are low making the fishing a little more challenging. The forecast is advising a chance of rain today and tomorrow afternoon so perhaps their wishes will come true.
With these cool nights and warm days we are already starting to see the colors of Fall. We expect peak foliage to arrive here at camp within the next two weeks. Although we have not had a frost just yet, it's been very close with overnight temps in the mid-thirties. Tonight just might be the night.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

It was a chilly night here at Bosebuck Mountain Camps with a temperature of 34 degrees at 6:30 this morning. Thankfully the sun is shining in a beautiful blue sky, the fog has lifted and the temperature has risen to 57 degrees. We expect the high to be near 70 today but even colder tonight with most likely a frost to greet us tomorrow morning. The calendar may still say Summer, but Fall is definitely in the air.

The first week of bear hunting ended with a 100% success ratio and the next group of six hunters will be arriving in camp this afternoon. In addition to the hunters, we will also be greeting the first of our Fall fishermen today along with our guests already enjoying the long holiday weekend to result in a nearly full camp for the week.

Just a reminder to those fishermen hoping to wet a line this month before the season closes on September 3oth, we have several days that have already been fully booked, so call ASAP to reserve your cabin so you don't miss out.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Congratulations to both Paul and Carrol for their successful bear hunt yesterday. We were able to snap a few photos for Paul before the light was lost. The night did linger with all the excitement and of course the telling and re-telling of the hunts.
As you can see the webcams are back online again and hopefully to stay this time. THANKS Paul! We'll be working on the weather station too so don't worry. This winter when I'm freezing at 40 degrees below zero you'll know about it.
While I'm on the subject of weather, it couldn't have been a more perfect today. We had temps near 80 degrees, beautiful bright sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. Tonight is no exception as many of our guests are sitting on their porches admiring the full moon as it shines down across the placid lake. Everything is calm and still but for the call of the loons on their nightly fishing expedition.
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I watched one of the young loons yesterday afternoon with it's parents. It appeared he/she was supposed to be learning proper diving techniques but seemed more interested in everything else going on around him/her. They sure are growing fast.
Fall fishing reservation are becoming quite full, so if you're hoping to wet a line in September, call now so you don't miss out. Many dates are already fully booked. And speaking of reservations, our deer hunters are calling too. The herd in this area is healthy and these big woods are home to big deer as evidenced by the specimens in our dining room. Check out our rates page for our weekly package.
We are also extending the same weekly package rate for of bird hunting in the month of October. The area that surrounds Bosebuck Mountain Camps has a variety of cover from old growth, to new cuts, alder runs and spruce groves. Of course your dogs are welcomed at camp too.