Wednesday, August 29, 2012

For those of you who have checked our webcams periodically I hope you have seen the better picture quality within the last two weeks.  Thanks to Dave who suggested we try an auto headlight lens cleaning kit on the camera lens covers to clean the the dust & debris that had become embedded in the plastic.  Thanks!

Well here we are starting day three of Bear season and although no bear have been taken yet, our hunters have seen 11 bear on stand.  All the variables haven't quite come together yet, but tonight might be the night and of course these cooler temps might be just the key to success.

Thanks to Jerry, Mike O., Rick, John S., John C., Chip and Mike G. (I know, way too many Johns & Mikes to keep track of in this group) for all their help in preparing for the season.  Hopefully all the hard work will result in some great bear photos on this blog very soon!